Infographic social media at events ROI

Data gathered via Vision CriticalEventility, Eventbrite, and our own analytic tools.

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The Value of Social Media at Events

In 2013 we increased event exposure through internal/social media coverage of 7 feature events:

The Downtown Kitchener Ribfest & Craft Beer Show #KWRibfest.
The Downtown Kingston Ribfest & Craft Beer Show #KingstonRibfest.
The CHYM Mighty Machines Showcase #MightyMachines.
Manulife Financial LPGA Classic #MFLPGAC #ManulifeClassic.
Savour Stratford #SavourStratford.
snapd ReBranding Launch #getsnapd.
CHYM Tree of Hope #CHYMtreeofhope.

We tracked analytics across many data points, and drilled down to 3 key improvement areas: engagement, impressions, and link clicks on Twitter and Facebook. We tracked improvements through our coverage of the events and compared those statistics with the equivalent period of time leading up to our coverage, as well as factoring the data (where it was available) from the same date range from the previous year.

We found that on average our coverage improved:

engagement 574%
impressions 3885%
link clicks 16 018%

(link clicks is an important one- it means you’ve driven someone towards a further action!)

We also found that we increased the number of Twitter and Facebook followers by an average of 434/event during our coverage (which ranged from 2 weeks to 2 months) without the use of paid ‘likes’, or ‘like’ campaigns.

Impact of Social Media at Events
ROI of Social Media at Events