I know I’m not the only one out there who’s just plain sick and tired of seeing quotes on social media. Once in a while they can be relevant and inspiring, but too often they’re a crutch for people who

A). Need to post a lot of content, and B). Want to be seen as inspirational leaders.

While I completely understand the challenge of always offering up an array of compelling content, I have never been convinced that habituating the copy paste routine of posting quotes on social media is a meaningful way to become an inspirational thought leader.

Instead, why not:

Express your own thoughts (concisely). It’s harder to be a thought leader without actually having a few of your own inspirational thoughts.

Go deeper. Expand on quotes you really like, and add YOUR voice.

Grab great lines from songs people may not have heard yet.

alienation by morning parade quote









Are you getting sick of seeing the same old ‘inspirational’ quotes being posted on social media? Comment below!