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Getting media coverage by external outlets is fantastic, and having social media channels is great. But building on your own media coverage can take everything to a whole new level.

In providing internal media coverage for numerous events we’ve been able to consistently witness that social media coverage can help you:

Organize your event socially
Provide better, faster customer service
Engage with your online community
Promote your event
Increase attendance
Enhance the event experience
Activate sponsorship
Gain valuable testimonials
Analyse your social impact

The way people learn about and experience events is taking place on social media, which is great! Because social media also gives us a way to demonstrate the IMPACT and VALUE of events through measuring and analyzing online actions. With a dedicated internal media coverage team, your coverage can amplify your overall goals, make you an innovator in the event space, and provide valuable data.


Value of Social Media Coverage at Events (with data on our coverage).
ROI of Social Media at Events