About The IM@Events Team

A specialty Social Media firm based out of Kitchener Waterloo

We're not your typical 'experts'.

With the tidal wave of digital 'experts' it's getting hard to find specialists who not only talk the talk but walk the walk too. That's why you won't find Social Media Guru, Ninja or Maven on our business cards. Our clients don't need empty claims or rock star titles, they need follow through.
IM@Events is the culmination of years working in the event and digital media space adapting innovative processes. Social Media isn’t an add-on service we provide, it’s what we specialize in. We’ve worked closely with our clients to design digital strategies that deliver. We're a tight knit, passionate and highly trained team of creatives- constantly evolving our processes to follow through and give you the edge.

Unconventional social media intelligence. Why be like everybody else?

Meet Our Core Team

jane barkley


I’m obsessed with words. I always have been. As a kid I was always up past bedtime (with my Itty Bitty Book Light) trying to absorb as many words as I could. Now I obsess over how words are perceived in this new world where virtually everyone has the ability to hit publish and BE media.

I also share practical knowledge and build industry standards teaching Social Media at Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Writing. Much of my writing lives on janebarkley.com, or in the many books I keep near me. I’ve also contributed to Speak Up For Change, YummyMummyClub.ca, Fides Social, Charity Republic, GoGirlfriend, client blogs, and been featured on Ways We Work.

Speaking. When I speak I tell the audience “I hate public speaking, it terrifies me. And I do it anyway.” I want to prove you can do it even if you’re scared. I’ve spoken to elementary, highschool and college audiences, and have been a speaker at Ignite, Speakeasy, MoMondays, and Women’s Municipal Campaign School.

I surround myself with great stories and interesting people.


tina le

TINA LE. Senior Social Media Strategist

A Communication Studies graduate from Carleton University, my interest in social interactions unexpectedly stem from working in the fashion industry for the past few years. Acting as a stylist and blogger at Rent frock Repeat in the past and assisting in managing a Mexx, I’ve dealt with communications on a day to day basis. Coupling my academic studies with real life experience, the emotional impacts that are made through these simple interactions still amaze me everyday.

In realizing the incredible influence social media has also had on these parts of my life, my passion for understanding the medium continues to grow with each post made.

When I’m not on social media myself, you’ll find me drinking my favourite tea while feeding my serious case of wanderlust!


unnamed (1)

STEF SHAW.Digital Media Specialist

Those that know me, know that I can always be found with a coffee and iPhone in hand (and likely my dog Walter close by). While my leap to the marketing world was an unexpected one, learning about and working in the industry ended up cultivating a real passion for it. I got my start in the digital marketing world as a community manager – handling all day-to-day communications and online relationships for clients on social media. From there, I realized I wanted to branch out even more into the world of digital marketing. I began to take on more direct responsibility with content development, and pursued further digital marketing education opportunities through amazing resources like Hootsuite, eventually building up the skills and the guts to venture out on my own.

When I’m not with IM@Events, I’m busy growing my very own social media consulting firm. It’s always been a passion of mine, so starting my own company dedicated to social marketing, was a no-brainer.



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