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Social Media Strategy

Connect with a community that cares with a digital media strategy carefully crafted to suit your brand, and built to meet your unique goals.

Content Creation

Get specialists creating engaging content designed for your community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Outreach & Engagement

Make sure you're creating robust connections with the influential people and resources that ensure success for your brand online.

Live Event Coverage

Build an exciting live experience with event updates, event photography, personal interaction, unparalleled customer service and highlights across social platforms.

Social Data Reporting

Tap into powerful social media insights with our comprehensive reporting to improve your online strategy and gain crucial social data for your brand.


I am sure our event would not have been the success it was without the help of IM@Events - Dawne Taylor-Gilders

Jane Barkley and her team at IM@Events do a tremendous job at turning a typical event into a social media experience that lasts much longer than the event itself. Through lead up social media development, day of event exposure, and follow-up social media connections, Jane is able to take an event and turn it into an ongoing conversation and relationship builder that I've seen so few others do effectively. It is truly impressive to see the results she has been able to create for organizations and brands who have utilized her skills. - David Tubbs

Jane plays an integral part in our community as a social media and event coverage expert. I have had the pleasure of working on the ground floor at events with Jane. She has the experience and intelligence to provide excellent strategy and clear communication when it comes to making sure that all team members are on on task at events. Jane leverages all aspects of digital media to ensure every event is a smashing success and that all parties are satisfied with the results. I have learned a great deal from Jane and would recommend her work to anyone who knows the importance of events, coverage and most importantly results. - Lacey Heels

Jane brings her wisdom to our organization willingly to assist us with improving our ease within the social media sphere. Her pleasant personality and amazing vision around volunteering for a better world is priceless! - Dianne Boston-Nyp

Jane is a pleasure to work with. She is highly professional, creative, and easy to work with. Most importantly, she is an amazing writer. Jane is able to take a complex concept and turn it into something that anyone can understand. Her writing is thought provoking and emotional, which draws people to her written word. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane as a writer and blogger, as well as for her social media experience. - Popy Dimoulas-Graham

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Jane has gone above and beyond as she has shared her incredible skills and knowledge with us through several lengthy individualized training sessions. She has brought a new level of professionalism to our use of social media. - Jane Hennig

Jane is hard to describe only because the word 'awesome' is used too much and there are too many other outstanding things I could say about her. We've collaborated on several projects and she is consistently organized, hard-working, and thoughtful. It's a pleasure no matter how I'm involved and I always eagerly jump at the opportunity to work together. On top of her professional prowess, she is one of the most down to earth and wonderful people that I know. 10/10 would highly recommend Jane for any project you're considering. - Gregor Lehman

I have had the pleasure to work with Jane on several community and business ventures over the past several years. Her ability to organize, plan, lead, and execute projects are of great value to any organization. She is a true professional and community builder. I would highly recommend Jane. - Nate Tedesco

Jane Barkley is an accomplished communicator, succinct and relevant in all things social media. Jane is an entrepreneurial community and business leader who motivates and provides direction to both students and the event community. - Trevor Wynne-Jones

Jane Barkley exceeded our social media goals for the Chamber Business after 5 event that we hosted at our studio. Jane and her team were able to get our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activated and create a serious buzz before the event date. The Chamber received an amazing response rate to our invitation and the event was very well attended. Jane has a very warm personality and she did a great job welcoming Chamber members on-site. Thank you to the IM@Events team for making this night successful for all. - Eric Thibodeau